Jonathan Pinckney

Researcher Studying Nonviolent Resistance, Democratization, and Political Violence

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Working Papers (Selected)

  • "Nonviolent Resistance and the Quality of Democracy.” with Felix Bethke. V-Dem Working Papers Series (Under Review)

  • “Durability not Democracy: Uncovering the Organizational Roots of Democratization.” with Charles Butcher and Jessica Braithwaite. (Under Review)

  • “Tangled Up in Blue: External Intervention, Peacekeeper Backgrounds, and the Enabling Environment for Resistance.” with Margherita Belgioioso and Jessica di Salvatore. (Under Review)

  • “Activists Against Autocrats: TSMOs and Democratic Diffusion.” with John Chin. (Under Review) Download appendix analysis file here.

  • "Opposition Network Strategy and Democratization Outcomes." 

  • "When the Levee Breaks: An Ensemble Forecasting Model of Nonviolent and Violent Conflict." with Babak RezaeeDaryakenari.

  • "INGOs and the Onset of Civil Resistance Campaigns." with John Chin. 

  • "No Place for a Street-Fighting Man: New Exploration of the Sources of Nonviolent Discipline.”

  • “Dutch Disease - Deadly to Civil Resistance: A Time-Series Analysis of Oil and Gas Rents and Nonviolent Resistance.”

  • “Co-Optation, Opportunity, or Agency? Non-Democratic Institutions and Civil Resistance Onset.”

Other Publications